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Enebe Supra Carbon 3k 2024

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The Enebe Supra 3K 2024 padel racket is the definitive choice for advanced players who want to stand out on the court. This model, renewed year after year, stands out for its teardrop shape and an ideal balance between power and control, which will allow you to dominate every match. The Supra 3K is characterized by its innovative design and high-quality materials, which guarantee exceptional performance. If you're a versatile player looking for extra power without sacrificing control, this racquet is made for you.The Enebe SUPRA 3K is perfect for advanced and professional players. Specially designed for those looking for a versatile model, adaptable to a high-level game and with unparalleled versatility on the court and the balance between power and control, it is an unbeatable racquet for advanced and intermediate players. A must in your teamWeight: 355 - 370 grams, perfect for a balanced game38 mm profile, guarantees excellent handlingTeardrop shape, ideal for versatile playersBlack EVA HR5 core and 3K Carbon on the blade for maximum durability and responseSmooth, matte finish and medium balance for superior controlIt belongs to the racket collection Enebe 2024