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Munich Fission 2022

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Enjoy this sport to the fullest with the Fission padel racket in black and gray from the advanced series of Munich Padel 2022. At first glance it stands out for its sophisticated design but once in your hands you will also love it for its performance since it brings together the best technologies of the brand, being a high performance padel racket.

In our opinion it is a control racket, ideal for players who usually play on the right and like to prepare the point from behind. Thus, it provides fantastic control over the ball, helping the player to defend thanks to its wide sweet spot as it has been designed with a round mold and contained balance.

Last generation carbon has been used for its construction, reinforcing the surface in 12k fabric to achieve a drier touch. It also has roughness, so it will help you give more spin on the ball. Regarding the core, it has black eva rubber, which gives it very good sensations in terms of control, power and comfort.

To finish, it has a new heart design that improves its stability and reduces vibrations, thus generating a very comfortable hit. Don't wait any longer and get this advanced padel racket in our online store. We assure you that you will have in your hands a great performance and design from Munich.

Characteristics of the Black and Gray Fission

The Munich Fission 2022 is a control padel racket due to its round shape and contained balance.

Carbon construction, reinforcing the surface in 12k fabric that makes it harder.

Very comfortable touch with the black eva rubber inside.

Rough surface that significantly improves the effects.

X-grip Ergonomic that provides a more comfortable grip.

Format: Round. Control Shape

Frame: Double tubular 100% carbon

Inner core: 100% Carbon Fiber 12K

Outer core: Black EVA Core

Weight: 360 375 gr

Balance: Medium

Profile: 38 mm

Technologies: Control Shape

100% 12k Carbon Fiber

Black EVA Core +

Maximum Sheild

Double Carbon Frame

Comfort Hit Area

Roug Surface

Hi Elastic Fiber

X-grip Ergonomic - Tech